CiLCA Qualified Clerk

Mark Charles, Chairman of the Parish Council is delighted to announce that Marianne Lane, Clerk to the Parish Council has passed her CiLCA qualification and is now a qualified Clerk.

This means that the Parish Council now have all the requirements to exercise the general power of competence should it wish to do so.

The general power of competence is a power available to local authorities including Parish Councils who meet certain conditions and can do “anything that individuals generally may do” as long as they do not break other laws. It was provided for in the Localism Act 2011 It was brought into force for local authorities on 18th February 2012.

Conditions are:

  • Qualified Clerk (CiLCA or higher)

  • Two thirds of Councillors to be elected (not co-opted)

  • Council to resolve it is eligible at a meeting of the full Council

  • Confirm it remains eligible at the next Annual Meeting after an ordinary election