Severn Trent UPDATE on road closures in Cropston through to Anstey

In November 2017 Severn Trent Water is investing £5 million to replace 7km of old water mains running from Hallgates in Cropston to Gillroes in Ansty. We’ll do our upmost to minimise disruption, but due to the scale and nature of the work,  at times we may cause some disruption to traffic and people who live in the area.

·         Severn Trent plan to start on Bradgate Road week commencing 13 November 2017 up until Christmas. This stretch will require a road closure and diversion for the duration of the work.

·         The next phase will commence on Roecliffe Road in early January 2018 and will also require a road closure for around 5 weeks.

·         In mid-February 2018 Severn Trent will continue from the Badgers Sett Pub in Cropston up along Cropston Road, behind the Co-op in Anstey, along Leicester Road for a short length and then down gorse Hill to the A46. This will likely take us up until April and we plan to do these sections under traffic light management.

Severn Trent will be engaging with those effected by the road closures via letters and advanced signage.