Charnwood Borough Council "Don't Muck Around" campaign

The Don't Muck Around Campaign will run from July to September this year with a focus on the following three environmental offences.

  • Cigarette litter and littering from vehicles
  • Dog fouling and Dog control - including an introduction to Public Spaces Protection Orders
  • Waste - Duty of care for householders and businesses (to defer fly tippers)         

The theme is "it all adds up" to make people aware that their one piece of litter, dog foul or dumped waste adds to all the others and becomes one major problem. Posters will show everyday activities swamped by piles of litter.

To ensure the Borough Council concentrate on areas which suffer environmental issues, we urge parishioners to email the Parish Council with details of any areas with issues in relation to the 3 topics above.  Details will then be collated and forwarded to the Borough Council.

The Borough Council will then go and evaluate the areas and decide on 3-5 monitoring areas for this year.