Important advice from Charnwood Police Beat Team

Leicestershire Police urge you all to get your property registered. There is a link below which will take you directly to website.

The way this works for those of you that don’t know is that you create a log in and document as many of your items as possible with serial numbers etc. If they ever get stolen you log on and update the site that the item is stolen. If then a burglar/thief attempts to take them into a pawn shop such as cash converters etc they are obligated to conduct a search of the system to see if they have been reported stolen prior to selling them on.

It is so unfortunate in many cases that we have carried out searches to find that items have been taken in to such shops and resold prior to recovery due to them not showing as stolen. Unfortunately we as the Police are not able to place these items as stolen on the website as it is a public site with your own unique log in details. We have a mirror site where we can only conduct searches.

It is also handy for you also as it will give you a database that will save all of your serial numbers.