Charnwood Borough Council Garden Waste Bins to be removed

Garden waste bins to be removed

Residents are being advised that any garden waste bins which are not displaying valid subscription stickers will be removed from June 25.

Charnwood Borough Council, which runs the scheme, says a number of properties are still putting bins out to be emptied despite not paying for the service.

The Council says checking for valid subscriptions and issuing reminders and warnings adds time to the rounds and therefore taking away the bins will make the service more efficient for those who are paying for it.

Matt Bradford, head of cleansing at the Council, said: “The garden waste scheme is very popular and we have more than 35,000 subscriptions.

“However, there are several hundred properties which consistently leave out the bins despite not having a valid subscription and being issued with various reminders and warnings.

“This can have an impact on the quality of the service and we think the best way to tackle this is to simply take the bins away.

“The bins are the property of the Council and we will simply be removing bins which are put out for emptying but do not have a valid subscription.”

Last year the Council introduced a permit scheme which means garden waste bins need to display a sticker to prove the service has been paid for. If the sticker is not displayed, the bin will not be emptied.

If you have a paid garden waste subscription, please:

  • put your bin out on the right day
  • ensure it is displaying a valid sticker

If you do not put a sticker on, it will not be emptied and a leaflet will be left explaining why it has not been collected

From June 25, any bins which are left out and do not have valid subscriptions will be taken away. A letter will be delivered to the property explaining what has happened.

Anyone wanting more information or to subscribe to the garden waste service should visit




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