Parish Councillors

Your Councillors come from a wide range of backgrounds and carry a broad set of skills. They are a mix of elected and co-opted members. There are 6 Councillors in the Parish and are made up of 3 for each of the two Wards.

They are serving unpaid individuals not representatives of political parties. 


Thurcaston WARD

CHAIRMAN - Mr Mark Charles


Register of Members' Interests


Mr Stefan Brooks

Register of Members' Interests


Cropston WARD

Mr Michael Jackson

Register of Member's Interests


Mr Clive Taylor

Register of Member's Interests



Clerk to the Council

The Clerk is also the Responsible Finance Officer (RFO), Burial Registrar and is the outward looking face of the Council. The Clerk is employed by the Council and supports the Council before, during and after meetings, preparing Councillors for their decision making role and putting their decisions into practice. The Clerk as chief officer protects the council as a corporate body.

Mrs Marianne Lane

Tel: 0116 236 7626